Month: February 2013

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Repo Car Auction

Impound Auctions in Detroit Offer Cheap Autos

Impound auctions in Detroit offer savvy bidders an excellent opportunity to find cheap, reliable autos.  Many people are hesitant to attend impound auctions because they believe every vehicle has been involved with a major crime or accident.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In Illinois, there are actually four reasons a vehicle may be… Read More »

Repo Car Auction

Save at Chandler Repo Car Auction

Chandler repo car auctions are a great way to save on a reliable, quality used car.  Repo car auctions feature listing which are primarily comprised of repossessed car.  In some cases, the vehicles for an auction will be sourced solely from one lending institution but most auctions are sponsored by multiple lending institutions.  There are… Read More »

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