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Archive for: December 2010

December 27, 2010

Top 5 Cars Sold At Auto Auctions

Filed under: Car Auction Guide - 27 Dec 2010

If you are trying to decide what type of used vehicle is right for you, then a great place to start is where others have left off.  By looking at the top 5 cars sold at auto auctions, you can …

December 21, 2010

GSA Auto Auction Deals In Jersey City, NJ

Filed under: Auto Auctions - 21 Dec 2010

If you are on the hunt for GSA auto auction deals in Jersey City, NJ then you are already on the right track.  GSA auto auctions have proven to consistently provide a variety of high value, low cost vehicles to …

December 16, 2010

Mistakes Buyers Make When They Buy A Car

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 16 Dec 2010

Although now may be a good time to buy a car, there are a few things to keep in mind,  For example some of those cash-back offers from dealers apply only if you accept the dealer's financing.

Be Realistic

There are many …

December 11, 2010

Chesapeake Online Govt Auctions for Car Bargains

Filed under: Government Auctions - 11 Dec 2010

Searching Chesapeake online gov't auctions for car bargains is always a good idea.  Not only can you find great deals, but you will also benefit from easy online access  However if you are still not sure whether online auctions are …

December 7, 2010

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 07 Dec 2010

Improving your gas mileage is something that everyone thinks about from one time or another.  It could be because gas prices are on the rise again, a concern for the environment, or some other immediate concern.  Regardless of the reason, …

December 3, 2010

Repossessed Cars at Fort Wayne Auto Auctions

Filed under: Repo Car Auction - 03 Dec 2010

There are a number of benefits to searching for repossessed cars at Fort Wayne auto auctions in Indiana.  Repossessed cars have become a much more popular option for used cars buyers over the last few years.  Fort Wayne, IN specifically has …

December 1, 2010

Buy Quality Motorcycles at Tempe Gov Auctions

Filed under: Motor - 01 Dec 2010

Many people don't realize that they can buy quality motorcycles at Tempe gov auctions.  This means that there is a huge gap in supply and demand.  With a growing supply of motor cycles at government auctions but a demand that …