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BMW – A Tribute to Fine Craftsmanship

The BMW Group has been a premium player in the international automobile market promoting the three cherished brands of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Founded as the Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH in 1917 in Germany, BMW GmbH became BMW AG in 1918 and since then is committed to provide outstanding quality and dependable products across all its brands and segments. In a competitive marketplace where brands are constantly rebuilding and reorganizing their image the circular blue and white BMW logo remains intact since inception and is believed to represent a spinning propeller.

There is an inspirational value attached to owning a BMW for many who treat it as more as a long-lasting relationship rather than just a financial transaction. In fact the brand BMW is so ingrained in many a lives that there are a whole host of clubs, websites, and forums and organizations promoting activities and a myriad of events revolving around this powerful brand. Notable among these is the BMW Car Club of America an organization of BMW enthusiasts founded by several Boston-area BMW enthusiasts in 1969 and having its chapters across the United States. In the UK a BMW Show is held every year which is believed to be the most action-packed BMW event featuring show cars to track cars and everything else in between to tantalize BMW fans.

For those who have longed to own a BMW but somehow just could not afford to own a brand new one, motor auctions featuring popular brands are the best way find some bargains. In fact vehicle re-marketing companies offer a broad range of models and specifications and assure consumers the security and peace-of-mind of buying direct from the manufacturer. Some motor auction centers even offer opportunities to bid and buy online. In fact a few years back BMW itself placed one of their sports vehicles, the X5 on an auction conducted online. A benevolent twist to the story is that the proceeds from that auction went to a charity supporting breast cancer research.

Auction centers also offer seized cars for sale which are obtained from banks due to repossessions from people who default on loans and from government agencies and police authorities who may have seized vehicles from offenders and other sources. Banks and government agencies need to spend millions if they have to store all these seized vehicles and therefore prefer to liquidate them as fast as possible. Sometimes government agencies can also arrange to have vehicles which are no longer needed to be auctioned. Sometimes seized cars for sale have starting bids as low as $100 and there are enough consumers out there who know just how to reap the rewards. Another favorite source of luxury cars such as the BMW for such auctions are vehicles seized by the Customs Department from importers who fail to pay up the duties and taxes applicable on imports. These can be a real bargain opportunities for potential BMW owners who have been dreaming about owning this most sought after brand entity one day.

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