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Archive for: January 2010

January 27, 2010

Drive Home a Pontiac Car from Charlotte Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Car Auctions - 27 Jan 2010

Police auctions in Charlotte offer fantastic used cars at even better prices that won’t put a massive dent in your wallet. You can find thousands of cars of all makes and models at police car auctions, including Pontiac cars. Charlotte …

January 23, 2010

Police Auctions in San Francisco: Source a Great Deal

Filed under: Police Car Auctions - 23 Jan 2010

Sourcing a great deal on a used car has never been easier with the great deals on offer at police car auctions in San Francisco, CA. Police auctions take place all over San Francisco and usually include repossessed and seized …

January 19, 2010

Cheap Deals at San Jose Seized Car Auctions

Filed under: Seized Car Auctions - 19 Jan 2010

If you are looking for a seized car at the best possible price, you have to visit a seized car auction in San Jose. Your experience at a seized car auction will be hassle free, fast and extremely affordable and …

January 14, 2010

Motor Vehicle Auctions in San Diego for Gov Deals

Filed under: Government Auctions - 14 Jan 2010

If you are looking for a fantastic government deal, you can’t go past motor vehicle auctions in San Diego, CA. Government car auctions are great, because you are getting value for money, quality and an affordable deal. They offer hundreds …

January 11, 2010

Austin Seized Car Auctions: Bargains Galore

Filed under: Seized Car Auctions - 11 Jan 2010

Seized car auctions are a fantastic place to find unimaginable bargains on used cars. You can find hundreds of cars in different makes and models at Austin seized car auctions, all at an extremely affordable and discounted price. Seized car …

January 8, 2010

Jacksonville, FL Police Auto Auctions For Big Discounts

Filed under: Police Car Auctions - 08 Jan 2010

If you are looking for big discounts on used cars in Jacksonville, Florida, you can’t go past police car auctions. Police car auctions are a great source to buy used cars, as often you will find a great car at …

January 5, 2010

Buy Seized Cars Online in Los Angeles

Filed under: Online Car Auctions - 05 Jan 2010

Buying a seized car in Los Angeles has become even more convenient with the use of the internet. Now you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to find seized cars, as you can find and …