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November 1, 2012

US Auto Market Update

Filed under: Auto Industry - 01 Nov 2012

Auto sales for Quarter 3 improved 13.8% compared to quarter 3 of 2011. In September alone, industry sales increased by 12.8%, continuing the slow growth that started in July of this year.

Jumpstart Automotive recently analyzed recent online car shopping data …

June 5, 2008

Finding Government Auto auctions in Charlotte

Filed under: Used Cars - 05 Jun 2008

You can find used cars in extremely good conditions in Charlotte car sales. You can also take part in an auction of used cars to find a vehicle of your choice. You can choose from various …

June 1, 2008

Repo Car auction locations in San Francisco

Filed under: Used Cars - 01 Jun 2008

Buying a used car in San Francisco is quite easy as you can get all the information on used car sites and used car auctions on the internet. Once you have this information with you the rest …