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Archive for: January 2013

January 29, 2013

New Car Review – Nissan GTR

Filed under: Nissan - 29 Jan 2013

While it isn’t a complete redesign, Nissan made a variety of changes to the 2013 GTR.  Notable additions include the increased engine output and improved suspension tuning.  The most exciting addition is the recent inclusion of the rearview camera as …

January 24, 2013

Arlington TX Insurance Salvage Auctions for Discount Autos

Filed under: Salvage Auto Auctions - 24 Jan 2013

Arlington TX insurance salvage auctions have become popular targets for discount autos.  Most people avoid insurance salvage auctions because the vehicles have already been totaled.  While this is true, there are still a variety of benefits the average person can …

January 16, 2013

Middlesex County Police Auctions for Smart Deals

Filed under: County Auctions - 16 Jan 2013

Middlesex County police auctions have become one of the best suppliers of smart deals for used car buyers.  There are a variety of different ways of vehicles make it into these auctions, which means every listing provides a …

January 8, 2013

Car Auction Guide: How to Bid with Confidence

Filed under: Car Auction Guide - 08 Jan 2013

Lets start 2013 with getting back to basics for getting the best deal at a car auction.  Participating in a car auction for the first time can be an intimidating experience.  Even those who have taken part in multiple auctions …